Really working programs for downloading from VC. How to download videos from VKontakte without using programs? Work with the application

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  2. Vksaver
  3. Lovivkontakte
  4. We download videos from youtube with VKMusic
  5. Downloading youtube videos from contact

In contact with - great way collectibles of your favorite videos and music, but at the same time you still remain attached to social network . In theory. But in practice it turns out that on the Internet you can find many different programs with which you can download music tracks and videos to your computer. We consider the principle of operation of such developments in a few examples below. But before that, we warn you: when downloading such programs and applications, you risk to face the actions of fraudsters. Since such applications often need to be registered, fraudsters use this to steal user data and hack their accounts. So beware and try to use more or less proven programs. In addition, they often have viruses, so we do not recommend pirated programs of this kind.

You can use this program as a simple browser. There is no control over the resolution that you get, unfortunately, but it is, at least, very fast and simple. Videos are not automatically removed from the download list when you also receive them, so in order to capture more movies in the current session, you must manually delete them. Please note: the program tries to install various adware programs during installation, so pay close attention and clear the appropriate checkboxes if this is not what you want.


Before you download a movie from Contact, choose a movie in good quality (for example, at 720dpi):

  • Go to the site, which is called This resource allows you to upload videos to your PC from the resources on which these videos are usually posted, including from Youtube.
  • In the search, which is on the main page, insert a link to the movie.

In the search, which is on the main page, insert a link to the movie

    The site will offer you exactly how you can upload a picture. Usually the size of high-quality films exceeds 2-3 gigabytes.

    Click on desired button and wait until the movie is completely moved to your computer. You can upload an unlimited number of files.

We told you about the very simple way How to download the movie Vkontakte for free. Download speed directly depends on the features of your Internet. You can put a movie on download for the night, and in the morning enjoy a high-quality motion picture.


First of all, let us warn you: this program is specific, and the computer can actually react to it differently, which, in turn, will require you to invest in a master to eliminate various malfunctions.

There is no need to register and give out your data here, but problems may still arise. Especially if you have Windows version not 7 or XP. Often, it is VKsaver that refuses to work on some computers. The reasons may be different, but most often knowledgeable people call the following:

  1. Impregnable firewall. If you understand that something is wrong here, try either disabling the firewall for a while (and do not forget to turn it back on !!!) or slightly change its settings by including VKsaver in the list of exceptions.
  2. Critical antivirus. Your anti-virus may not allow VKsaver to your computer. Still would! After all, this program is made like a trojan! So do not be angry with him and change his settings or also turn off for a while.
  3. Old version of VKsaver. If you downloaded everything and installed it safely, and the desired icons that allow you to download, do not appear near the video and audio recordings, perhaps you just got caught old version . Still, this is not an official program, so it is not updated as often as we would like. Try to find another.
  4. Incompatibility with Windows. Initially, the program was created under Windows 7 and XР, so it is quite logical that on other versions it may not work.
  5. Incompatibility with the browser. WVSeverver may also not like the browser. He's so picky. Try to open VKontakte through another browser. Perhaps help 

Actually how to install VKsaver:

Actually how to install VKsaver:


Here you need to enter your mail or phone number and password. And the principle of work at Lovivkontakte is a little bit different. Anyway, in terms of music. This program copies the list of tracks from your account, and in your window you see all the music accumulated over the years. And from there you can download it. However, we are not interested in music, so let's continue.

Surely everyone is familiar with the situation when, after viewing a video on one of the popular sites, you want to save it for memory or, for example, to a collection. But if initially there is no such function on the site, then how to proceed?

VKMusic - The best way Download video from youtube and contact. Select video quality and fast download. The best way was to install special programs to download videos from sites. True, all these programs have the same problem - as a rule, they are designed to download videos from one specific site, for example, only from a contact or vimeo. We tried to create a universal program that can not only download videos from youtube , but also find and download music and video on social networks.

VKMusic 4 is a unique program that helps to download videos from youtube , as well as from contact, vimeo and many other popular sites. Allows you to upload videos at maximum speed for your channel with a choice of the size and quality of the video being downloaded. It has built-in search for music and videos on various sites.

Some features of VKMusic:

  • VKMusic will help youtube download videos in any quality available for viewing, as well as embedded video from YouTube on any site.
  • VKMusic makes it easy to find and download video from a contact and youtube , even if the video is embedded from other sites. View all the videos of a particular user (including their own) and download the video in the desired quality.
  • It also supports searching and downloading videos from RuTube, Vimeo, Mail.Ru. At the moment, analogues of such a program, only VKMusic can download videos from RuTube.
  • Upload multiple videos and music tracks simultaneously
  • Easy to get started with the program thanks to detailed instructions with rollers and user-friendly interface

We download videos from youtube with VKMusic

Most often we see a youtube video posted to an article or blog, but how to download such a video? There are a couple of simple ways:

1 way. To click right click click on the clip and click "Copy URL".

After that, download the video from youtube to the computer, as described above - click on the "Download" button in the tooltip. We choose the format of the video, not forgetting that the larger the size - the higher the quality.

2 way.

In the lower-right corner of the video, click on the YouTube logo. Copy link to new open page.

This method is less convenient when downloading videos due to the opening of an extra page on YouTube. But it is possible, if for some reason with the right click on the video there is no "Copy URL" item.

Downloading youtube videos from contact

Contact can embed videos from many popular sites, both in the user's news feed and in the section "my videos".

VKMusic can download youtube videos embedded in the contact, as well as embedded videos from rutube, vimeo. To download videos from the "video" section, just click the right mouse button on any video and click "Copy link address". If the pop-up hint for automatic video download does not appear, paste the link from youtube or contact into the VKMusic search field and click "Search".

For download youtube video from the news feed, first go to the video page by clicking on the YouTube logo or links below the video. Then copy the address of the page and click "Download."

We hope that the instruction was useful to you, we have tried to describe in detail how to download from youtube and contact , and also remind you that you can download from other sites, for example, Vimeo, RuTube, Mail.Ru with VKMusic. We also prepared an article for you, with detailed description the whole process. Successful downloads! :)

But if initially there is no such function on the site, then how to proceed?