Possession of a personal computer. Skills and skills for resume example - instructions for writing a resume. Basic pc level.

  1. Confident PC user - who is it?
  2. Leadership skills: manager, manager, director, administrator ...
  3. PC proficiency levels
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  6. Skills and skills for resume example for HR-director
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  8. Are you sure that you no longer have spelling errors or "fingers"?

Work desk and guide.

Today we look at what happens computer programs . We will review them. You will learn which programs and applications you need to work, which extensions you have and how you can open them.

So, the main computer programs list;


This is a package of applications included in Microsoft Office . There are versions of 2003, 2007 and 2010. Newer versions read old ones, but not the other way around. For this you need add-ons to the computer.

Leadership Even if you are part of a team led by someone else, do not think that recruiters are looking for submissive employees. You should not question the order you get in your work, but companies are interested in people who can deal with projects and deal with unforeseen events. Mention your actions that you have done and give the recruiter an idea of ​​your leadership abilities.

Integrity Although it may seem obvious, it never stops to point out that companies are looking for people with solid values. Of course, this topic is very subjective, and therefore recruiters will try to define in you the same values ​​as the company. You cannot share all values, but it is clear that you are an honest, honest person and can perform your tasks based on a collective conviction, which ultimately will become the mission of the company.

Therefore, if a person sends you some office document in new version , and you have an old one - ask him to convert it into old version . This is easy to do; we will learn how to do this when we study these applications in detail.

This package includes

1. Text editor WORD - allows you to create and edit letters, articles, brochures.

Confident PC user - who is it?

Technology related professions are the most valuable and logically the best of them. Every day technology advances, and these professionals must be aware and constantly update their knowledge. When looking for work, some technical words are much more valuable than others, as well as some knowledge and research.

Many times the choice of candidates is carried out using a computer program that selects a resume if certain words appear in them. According to a study by the Brookings Institute, all workers involved in science, technology, engineering or mathematics require much more time and money to get the skills they need. Good technological syllabus It concerns not only those who have professions related to this sector, but also all those who are looking for work. It develops almost every second, so you need to adapt to this, and not “stay away” from the market.

It has the extension DOC. (2003) and DOCX. (2007 and 2010)

2. Spreadsheet EXCEL - allows you to perform calculations, analyze, build charts, graphs.

This is a great assistant in the business and you will see for yourself when we study this program.

XLS extensions. (2003) and XLSX. (2007 and 2010).

3. Presentation POWER POINT - a tool for preparing and conducting presentations

Junior has many opportunities to handle social networks , electronic devices and also know them. But to find out, you do not need to be born with a tablet under your arm. There are many free online courses on the Internet that help us advance in this sector, in addition to others face to face, including initiating control of these devices.

To begin with, the management of operating systems is crucial. Gradually, the knowledge of this becomes "obvious" among the candidates. The same thing happens with these programs, which we will consider as part of a basic level of knowledge. The study, conducted by researcher Jonathan Rothwell, was conducted on a specific labor market, and data was collected on thousands of vacancy announcements in the United States, the dates at which they were published and deleted, and the skills they need.

Extensions to PPT (2003) and PPTX (2007 and 2010)

4. Picture Manager Microsoft Offic e - picture manager. Helps to edit graphic files. It can partly be replaced by a simple computer program Paint, which is built into Windows.

These are the most basic applications that you will need in your work for the first time.

Also included in this package are Microsoft Asses (helps to create databases and programs for working with them), Microsoft OneNote (collecting, organizing, searching and using notes and other information), Microsoft Outlook (allows you to receive and send mail, work with schedules, contacts, tasks, record their actions), Microsoft Publisher (allows you to create high-quality newsletters and brochures).

The most important thing is computer literacy. In addition, the average was calculated wage every skill. Learned skills are those that are required in more than 1000 jobs. He also emphasizes that concrete knowledge is one’s own software the company.

Leadership skills: manager, manager, director, administrator ...

These skills are most often repeated in assignments received and should not be one, can also be a combination of the same. The data reflects that knowledge about computers is one of the most important, as well as those associated with large amounts of data, while others are related to knowledge on the Internet. In addition, the latter are also the most paid.

For all these applications to open, Microsoft Office software must be installed on your computer.

PDF reader software

2. ICQ - otherwise "ICQ"

3. Mile Agent

4. QIP

5. Google TALK


Allowed to "walk" on the Internet and work there. They are many, but the main Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, Mazilla FireFox, Opera, Safari. We will meet again with these programs on this blog.

These are variables and invariant. Of course, we find that our personal data, our research, data of interest, experience, the companies in which we worked, etc. On the other hand, we have variables. They must be adapted to each type of work. Learn about it, what they are looking for in their employees, about their social work , future projects, etc. this knowledge will give us more power over other candidates who have not yet done so.

It is true that not all companies demand the same, but it is also true that more and more they attach importance to them. This is why we should not treat it as simple. summary document about our life. Everything greater value attached to skills and experience, so we should not limit ourselves to the inclusion of the company in which we work, or what we have. We can include achievements, jobs, programs used, regardless of whether we work in a team or not, in which sector, if we know other departments of the company, etc.


Everyone knows how important and necessary these programs are. They will help both to prevent infection by viruses and to remove those already on the computer. There are free antiviruses and paid.

For free option great avast. It protects your computer quite well.

If you want a paid one, enter “Best Antiviruses of 2012” in the browser line. And look what you are offered.

Here we have to include all our computer skills. Although they are users, many companies consider them fundamental and necessary for getting a job. For example, applications used, basic programming, specific certificates or diplomas of attendance at this type of courses, etc.

As in the “Language” section, where we must include a written, oral and oral level in the field of computer skills, we must indicate whether they are at the user, advanced, professional or expert level. Despite this, there are some programs that we mentioned earlier that are needed, and that companies use them daily.

Programs for downloading files

Helping to download files quickly, conveniently, easily. There are a lot of them on the Internet. Here are some of them

First of all, it should be said that the necessary computer programs for resumes can vary greatly depending on the specifics of your activity. So, those services and services that a web designer should own are not at all like those that will be useful in the work of an accountant. Therefore, as well as when filling in any other items of the summary, in this column it is not necessary to write too much. But it is not worth being limited to a monosyllabic phrase. The employer does not know anything about you. Where is the guarantee that as a result you will not be entrusted with the task that you cannot cope with?

Do not leave everything on the computer professionals, especially at the user level. Adapting to changes in technology and information technology It may be very important to choose in the selection process. On the Internet, we can find simple programs that will help us learn how to program using textbooks and very didactic ones. Free courses and at different levels.

It would be a shame if he had not been forgotten about the project, because he did not know about it. Videos, special effects, editing presentations and going beyond the user level can open doors in many companies and attract very interesting projects. Finally, we are going to highlight a program that is widely known among all sectors, but it is not known to be used. Today, all companies are present on the Internet and more, sales of many of them depend on this small window to the world.

PC proficiency levels

Choosing a computer program for a resume, it is worth knowing that there are several levels of computer skills per se. In no case should they be confused in order to avoid subsequently unpleasant and awkward situations. Therefore, we consider each level separately.

1. Initial

The ability to use a computer at the initial level means that you have an idea of ​​what an operating system is (most often it is Windows), you know about its main components and capabilities. This level PC ownership implies that you can easily install new program find required item in the menu, copy or move files, open and close a document, etc. What computer programs do you need to master? For the resume of the applicant, who claims that he owns a PC at the initial level, it is important that it contains information about the ability to use the main (standard) system applications. That is the same calculator, notepad, media player and others.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the influence of our company on the Internet. As we know, the most high percent requests in the world is done through this search engine therefore it is important to know how it works, from the inside. In this section we will find what will be the main level of the most useful programs for companies.

Developing an educational biography format should not be the most complex in the world; But this is not something that we can do in an abstract or careless way. By understanding this, you will know that everything you express in it matters. First you need to post correct information , with key sections that will help you explain why you — or will — be valuable to the company and how you prepare for it. Here are two articles that will help you in this regard.

2. Medium


In this case, in addition to basic services, the ability to work with office applications should also be entered into resume computer programs. The most widely used package Microsoft products Office. First of all, you need to freely navigate in MS Word, to be able to create and edit tables in MS Excel (and also to make calculations using formulas). Some posts also require knowledge (applications for creating and managing databases), Power Point (presentation editor). In addition to data entry, it is important to be able to create tables, graphs, charts, change the design of it), etc. The ability to work with browsers and quickly search for information on the Internet is welcome.

Skills and skills for resume example for HR-director

The idea is simple: after you have invested in thinking and your achievements, your goal and your skills, only that these efforts are reflected. We will call this the “editorship” of your resume. Print it, attach it to the wall and take a few steps away. Do you like the way it looks? Does it look neat or random? Is it easy to read? Is the letter too big or too small? Is the information organized? Do they highlight some important parts or does everything look the same?

3. Confident

Many people, filling in the column "Computer skills", thoughtlessly write that they "own a PC at the level of a confident user." To avoid misunderstandings, remember: confident computer skills imply that you understand not only standard and office applications, but also have some skills and experience with highly specialized programs necessary for your type of activity. Here you need to choose what is most appropriate in a particular situation. For example, a web designer may not mention that he knows how to use the “1C: Accounting” service, but you need to say something about your knowledge of working with Adobe Photoshop and other experiences with different CMS.

Keep in mind that because of the workload or the number of requests they receive, recruiters allocate 6 to 20 seconds to view your resume for the first time. On this moment Think about how a person outside of your work can understand you. This will give you a good parameter to know how a recruiter can perceive him, and change what sounds ambiguous, confusing, or that the plane did not understand.

Are you sure that you no longer have spelling errors or "fingers"?

Eye: This does not mean that you should write this as an informal letter. Look for creative, effective, but digestible words for any audience. If in the previous paragraph we speak about the importance of a clear language - but professional, always, without exceptions - now it is time to avoid small huge spots.

Confident PC user - who is it?
Confident PC user - who is it?
Where is the guarantee that as a result you will not be entrusted with the task that you cannot cope with?
What computer programs do you need to master?
Do you like the way it looks?
Does it look neat or random?
Is it easy to read?
Is the letter too big or too small?
Is the information organized?
Do they highlight some important parts or does everything look the same?