VKontakte streams, is it worth going?

  1. VKontakte appears on the treadmill
  2. What are the advantages?
  3. What will happen to Twitch?
  4. What do streamers say:

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VKontakte now allows you to stream. Although Google has long decided to move Twitch and launched the service YouTube Gaming . Streaming service unexpectedly, I would say, shot and gained popularity. It would seem, well, who will watch how others play, instead of having fun yourself? The “experts” on the Internet answer this question with a rather weighty argument

- Why then, do people watch football instead of playing it themselves?

I believe that the stream is primarily for the sake of good company. That is, when the screen is an interesting game for you, a streamer with a pleasant voice that adequately passes the plot or uniquely kills enemies. When the picture is clear, not hanging. The sound is smooth and clear. Also, you can ask questions to the person and he will answer you on the other side of the screen. People feel part of the atmosphere and have a good time.

VKontakte appears on the treadmill

Even classmates in May launched their streams but one must admit that the audience for this business is not at all the same. It is obvious. So much time has passed, and there are still 2.5 people creating content. And so VK announces the launch of its service That promises to be cool. I think this is a success. After all, in fact, each streaming service is trying to create a kind of social network on the basis of its site. And here we see that social. the network in which the right audience is gathered launches game broadcasts on its site. This is a completely different approach.

This is a completely different approach

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What are the advantages?

  • Monetization. Wallets with internal transfers, as is known already. Fans will be able to donate without resorting to the help of third-party services. Everything is transparent and safe. In addition, advertising shows before the commercials, as an additional income.
  • Chat, where you can discuss the video and invite your friends there.
  • Why is this convenient? Yes, because you do not need to jump around the sites and services, and everything is in one place.

Do I need to go in this direction?

In any case, for VK - this is a new direction, which perhaps at the start will not be quite perfect. But over time, the platform will work on the bugs and become successful. I am sure about that. But of course, every streamer at some point in time will have a question in mind:

- Stream whether the game through VKontakte?

I think it is not necessary to immediately rush to the embrasure and transfer all your streams to VK. Having a formed audience on Twitter or YouTube, you can lose a part during a sharp transition.

I think we should go this way. If for example you conduct broadcasts 3 times a week, then spend them one day on the site VKontakte. Let the audience get used to it. In addition to this, you can test all the pros and cons without threatening to leave subscribers without stream, if something goes wrong, and for their part, they will give feedback.

Also do not forget about the restrim. This is when you stream into several streams at once, for example on Twitch, YouTube, Hitbox, etc. In the same way, you can add streams on VC, but for such an organization you should have high-quality and fast Internet, and the computer should include the latest engineering achievements.

How to cut? Very simple! Surely you use the program Open Broadcaster, download for it free plugin and stream video to any platform!

What will happen to Twitch?

Still, the main competitor should consider this site as it is the most popular. I think nothing bad will happen because the company is primarily focused on foreign users. This is clearly visible if you open any popular game. There will be several times less Russian-language video broadcasts in it than in the foreign-language segment, and, as a rule, they have significantly more viewers. Therefore, it is not worth much to value your account on Twitch, support the domestic manufacturer!

What do streamers say:

Good day! It is obvious that social networks are trying to take a share in a new promising market. I myself have not decided yet.


Hello! Hard to say. I do not take this idea seriously. There are specialized portals where you can stream normally. It is very difficult technically and to be unstable to start up a flow to several portal-sites. Therefore, I do not use Odnoklassniki opportunities or VK features for streaming. Absolutely satisfied with those services that already exist.


Good day. Regarding streaming, I think that the guys from VKontakte made the right decision and this service will be popular because there is already a huge audience with a large layer of gamers, as well as a huge plus in the fact that the servers will be at home, the possibility of donation "out of the box" and other things familiar to us from other services.

I think for me as a streamer, this service will bring a new audience, but in any case, Twitch will still be in the foreground for a long time.


What will happen to Twitch?
It would seem, well, who will watch how others play, instead of having fun yourself?
Why is this convenient?
Do I need to go in this direction?
How to cut?
What will happen to Twitch?