Technical department beeline phone. Support service “Home Internet Beeline” - a free phone of technical support, entrance to the “Personal Account.

  1. How to call the operator Beeline for free?
  2. How to call the operator Beeline directly?
  3. How else to call Beeline?
  4. Phones of technical support Beeline
  5. Technical support home Internet Beeline
  6. Alternative ways to communicate with Beeline technical support
  7. Roaming assistance

It is not always possible to independently understand the settings, services, tariffs, withdrawals - there can be many situations, and it is at such moments that the consultant’s help will be very useful. The easiest and quick way Get a comprehensive answer to all questions of communication services - call or write to the Beeline support operator.

Of course, you can come to the customer service office, or try to figure everything out on your own, but offices do not work around the clock, and it can be a long way to go, and finding the correct full answers on your own does not always work. Therefore, we will consider first of all how to get a free consultation by phone, and then we will tell you about other ways to contact Beeline support.

How to call the operator Beeline for free?

Call to Beeline you can toll free numbers 0611 or 8-800-700-0611. It will be extremely difficult for the operator to reach them, and often all operators are busy and have to wait a long time for a response. If you need to get basic information, then the answering machine is a “mobile consultant” who receives calls to these numbers is enough.

With the help of the Mobile Consultant service you can find out your phone number, its balance, tariff plan and connected services, help you disconnect them or connect others if necessary, and also tell about current rates , discounts and new company services. In most cases, you will be able to solve your problem simply by carefully listening to such a “consultant” and pressing the buttons as an answer to his questions.

Basic rules for communicating with the Mobile Consultant:

  • Want to re-listen? Press the number 9;
  • Need to listen to the information in the previous paragraph? Click #;
  • Want to go back to the main menu? Click *.

You can call the phone 0611 only from the Beeline phone and being in the Beeline network coverage area. You can call 8-800-700-0611 from any phone of any operator (you can even from your home phone). Calls to both these numbers are free.

To contact the Beeline operator directly quickly, without listening to the voice menu, you can ask your question by sending an SMS to 0611. The support service operator will also answer the question with a message or call you back within 1-2 hours.

How to call the operator Beeline directly?

If you are roaming, or you are not satisfied with the capabilities of the answering machine consultant, then you can call Beeline directly and solve your problem with the help of a live operator.

To connect with the operator, call the Beeline subscriber support phone: + 7-495-974-88-88. Call this number from mobile phone biline from anywhere in the world will be free.

As soon as you call, the answering machine will greet you too, but only to find out with which specialist you are connected. And after answering a few questions in the voice menu, you will be redirected to the operator.

How else to call Beeline?

In addition to services mobile communications Beeline provides a wide range of telecommunication services, and their subscribers also need timely assistance and advice. For these purposes, provided for individual phone numbers. technical support .

To solve problems with cellular communication in several ways. For example, by contacting a service office or using a mobile application to access the "Personal Account". You can also call the Beeline hotline, where experienced support staff will pick up the phone. In this review we will discuss available to subscribers phone numbers and find out how to call in contact center Beeline.

Just a couple of years ago, the telephone numbers of the Beeline hotline were printed everywhere - on connection kits, on advertising and information materials, on street banners. They were also present on the official website of the operator. Today for detailed information about tariffs and new offers it is accepted to send to your own website or to automated help services.

The telephone numbers of the Beeline hotline have ceased to be printed in advertising; they have also disappeared from the company's web resource. Self-service services are being promoted everywhere, built on the basis of the “Personal Account” - this is the office itself and mobile app with similar functionality. Here you can really get information about the latest write-offs, clarify your tariff plan, order details, clarify the flow of funds.

But some problems can be solved only by the Beeline hotline number:

  • A huge amount was written off - sometimes the network makes mistakes, it’s impossible to see them and eliminate the consequences;
  • There is no coverage area at one point or another - this problem should be referred to technical specialists;
  • The subscriber does not understand the billing for a particular service - only help desk specialists are aware of some subtleties.

Thus, it is impossible to do without the help of a competent assistant in solving some issues.

The main toll-free telephone number of the Beeline hotline is 0611. It is available exclusively within the network, it is useless to call it from the numbers of other operators, it will simply be unavailable. Earlier on this phone support service really answered. Today, an answering machine sat down, offering to deal with all the problems in auto mode . All attempts to reach consultants are unsuccessful, the answering machine does not give up.

To communicate with the Beeline hotline operator, it was enough to press the “0” button in the main voice menu or in one of the secondary menus. Today, this does not lead to anything, and if you press the wrong key 3 times in a row, the answering machine will completely disconnect the connection.

Communication with the Beeline hotline operator at 8-800-700-0611 was quite possible before. But not today - the same boring answering machine, which gets on its nerves with its self-service offers, is “hanging out” here. It should be noted that more than half of subscribers are not able to listen to the voice menu items. And it is unlikely that these people will be able to understand how to use the "Personal Cabinet" or mobile application.

But there is a way out - we can call on hot number Beeline 8-800-700-0611 from another mobile (MTS, MegaFon, Tele2, Yota) or from a landline phone, press the "0" button three times and get the answering machine to go to the consultant. After the operator takes the call, we can ask him any questions or ask for help.

For subscribers located in international roaming , the number + 7-495-974-88-88 is working - with its help you can very quickly and get through to the Beeline hotline. Attempts to call here from your handset (or from any other phone located in Russia) will fail.

Get help on the functioning of the Internet from Beeline, help hotline at 8-800-700-8378
Get help on the functioning of the Internet from Beeline, help hotline at 8-800-700-8378. Call this phone if you have any problems with communication. The customer support center operates around the clock , so you can call at any time of the day or night.

Problems with mobile communication, Internet or equipment cause a panic in the user. However, all difficulties are easily solved with the help of the operator. The support service round the clock helps to solve the problems of its customers. Assistance is provided by phone, mail and SMS.

Phones of technical support Beeline

The most effective way to get information or solve a problem is to call the operator’s support service. Specialists will help you move to a new tariff plan, manage services, get information about a room, set up the Internet. Beeline support service works around the clock. Any person, even a non-client operator, can apply to the reference.

Technical Assistance Numbers:

  • For questions related to the Internet, landline telephone and television: 88007008000.
  • To solve the problems associated with mobile communications: 0611, 88007000611, +74959748888.
  • For questions on USB modems: 88007000080.
  • For support of users of Wi-Fi: 88007002111.

You can contact the consultant at 0611. However, the client will be forced to listen to information about the services until he finds a suitable item. Sections are constantly changing places and are supplemented, it makes the menu a bit more difficult.

Technical support home Internet Beeline

When changing equipment or lack of connection to the world wide web should contact for help. Customers using home Internet Beeline should find the technical support number in advance, this will help fix the problem faster. An online specialist will help the subscriber to set up a router, modem, or other device.

Communication methods:

  • Call by phone 88007008000. The phone is valid in all regions of the country. All calls to the number are free.
  • Mail to [email protected]
  • Virtual Cabinet. With the help of a personal office, the user can write to a specialist who will help solve the problem.
  • Site " Home Beeline ".
  • User support forum.

The client should know that by contacting the operator to change the tariff, activate or deactivate the services, you must provide personal information . The consultant requests passport details and secret code . If there is no access to the documents, it is recommended to use a personal account.

Alternative ways to communicate with Beeline technical support

In addition to communicating with a consultant, you can get help in other ways. When there is no time to wait for the operator to answer you should order a call back or email . Beeline technical support is made on the official site. Selecting the item “Ask a Question”, at the top, in the right corner of the page, the client will be asked to decide on the method of communication.


  • Item "Feedback". Here the visitor will be able to describe the problem and choose the appropriate way of communication. This can be a callback or email.
  • Item "Chat with a specialist." The option allows you to chat with a specialist online. The user will be able to ask the consultant any questions.
  • If you can not phone support, you can send an SMS. A message describing the essence of the problem is sent to the number 0622. Do not forget about the operator’s offices. Qualified office workers can answer any question.
  • Technical support mail. Also the operator uses and email , to help users. You can ask a question at [email protected] Provided mail and for individual services. By the address [email protected] help is provided cellular communication , internet, usb modem. post office [email protected] designed to support landline phones , internet, tv. Wi-Fi related questions can be asked at [email protected]

Roaming assistance

Clients abroad are supported by phone +74959748888. The phone is absolutely free and relevant for any country. Unfortunately, calls to other operator numbers are charged. You can use the online advice on the website of the company or on social networks.

Does the internet not work or have problems with settings? Or do you want to connect to the "Home Internet" from Beeline? For the decision of all questions and problems Beeline customer service works. Contact details and login link Personal Area You will find in this section.

Single free phone customer support services Home Internet Beeline:

8 800 700 8000

The Home Internet Beeline support service number works for Beeline customers from all regions of Russia. All calls to the number 8 800 700 8000 from mobile and landline phones registered in the Russian Federation are free for the caller. Technical support is available around the clock and without interruption. in beeline?

Mobile subscribers Beeline.

To obtain personal information from technical support staff, change tariff plan or connecting additional paid services Please be prepared to provide passport information and a code word.

"Personal Account" subscriber Beeline

You can perform most of your account operations and pay for Home Internet Beeline services through your Personal Account . Using the service management system, you will not have to call support service anymore and wait for a connection with a specialist to activate services, change tariffs or help with settings. All this can be done in just a couple of clicks.

Login to the Personal Account of "Beeline Internet"

You can find the login and password from your personal account in the contract for the provision of Internet access services. In case of problems when working in the "Personal Account" or if you can not log into the service management system, call toll free number technical support “Home Internet Beeline” 8 800 700 8000 (for all regions of Russia).

Settings and online support

After purchasing a new equipment (router, modem or other device), you may need to configure it to work correctly on the Beeline network. You can use the instructions for self-tuning home Internet. This section contains tips on solving most common problems that occasionally arise from some subscribers of the Home Internet Beeline.

If you do not have the necessary experience to self tuning equipment or you have problems that you can not solve with the help section, you can contact the Beeline technical support staff:

  • Toll free 8 800 700 8000
  • By writing an email [email protected]
  • Through the feedback form on the official website "Home Beeline"
  • At the official Beeline Home Customer Support Forum

Specialists "Home Beeline" will try as soon as possible to solve your problem and answer any questions about the services and rates for home Internet.

Regions in which the "Home Beeline" works

To connect to the Home Internet Beeline network, you can leave a request and check the connection of your home on the official website of the company.

At the moment, the connection is made in the following regions of Russia:

Moscow region : Central, Northern, Northeastern, North-Western, Eastern, Southeast, Southern, South-Western, Western, Zelenograd, Troitsky and Novomoskovsky districts of Moscow, Moscow region.

North-West region : Arkhangelsk, Cherepovets, Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg.

Central region : Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Kursk, Lipetsk, Oryol, Smolensk, Tver, Tula and Yaroslavl.

Siberian region : Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk and Tomsk.

Southern region : Astrakhan, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Bataysk, Rostov-on-Don, Pyatigorsk and Stavropol.

Ural region : Yekaterinburg, Perm, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk.

Volga region : Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Ufa, Kazan, Tolyatti, Samara, Balakovo, Balashov, Saratov, Engels, Dimitrovgrad and Ulyanovsk.

Far Eastern region : Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Current information on the regional presence, web addresses and telephone numbers of the Home Beeline Internet provider is given as of October 2004. For more accurate and detailed information, refer to the official website of the company

How to call the operator Beeline for free?
How to call the operator Beeline directly?
How else to call Beeline?
How to call the operator Beeline for free?
How to call the operator Beeline directly?
How else to call Beeline?
Does the internet not work or have problems with settings?
Or do you want to connect to the "Home Internet" from Beeline?
In beeline?