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Some subscribers do not have enough free minutes provided by the MTS operator per day. Especially for those who talk a lot on the mobile and do not fit into the limit, the company has developed a service to provide additional free minutes. Like any other options, this service requires an additional connection.

Terms of service and how to connect

The option “100 minutes in the MTS network” allows subscribers to receive additional time for calls, regardless of the tariff plan used. Bonus minutes are awarded after you use the free time limit for communication. It is worth considering that the accrued bonuses do not accumulate and can not be used the next day.

To find out more about connecting services, we recommend that you call short number 0890 and follow the autoresponder instruction of the information menu. So you can independently order the service or abandon it, if necessary.

Some subscribers do not have enough free minutes provided by the MTS operator per day

Detailed information on the connection of free minutes can also be obtained at the office of MTS, which exists in almost every location in the country. Employees of the company will tell you how to use the service correctly, how much it will cost to connect and connect the selected option to your mobile.

The most effective way to self connect services is the use of a personal account. On the official website of the company MTS has all the necessary information about existing services and services, and when registering in personal account You will be able to independently and quickly manage all operator options.

Most MTS tariff plans imply daily charge of free minutes for calls within the network in home region . However, for the most active users There are bonus programs.

Recently, the program on which personal number the subscriber receives a certain number of points for using the services of a mobile operator. For every ruble spent on conversations, sending messages, surfing the Internet, or making purchases in the company's online store or mobile phone stores, you will receive a certain amount of points.

After their accumulation, you can transfer bonus points to your account and order extra minutes for comfortable communication. It is worth noting that this is far from the only service that can be obtained with bonus points . More information you can get on the official website.

More information you can get on the official website

It is worth considering that in order to use bonus points when charging free minutes or other services, you should go through the registration procedure in bonus program . This process takes only a few minutes and will not be worth the extra money. Rather, just a few clicks on the keyboard - and you can get a lot of nice bonuses from MTS for using mobile communications from this operator.

As the name implies, it will be about such as 700 minutes from. Immediately make a reservation when ordering this service, you get 700 minutes with a period of one week, or rather, 7 days from the date of order. But if you ordered this service, let's say at 11 pm, and the connection happened after 12, then you can “congratulate” you for one day will be less. One of the positive aspects of this service, these 700 minutes do not have an automatic extension. Thus, for the holidays you connect the service, talk and congratulate your friends and relatives and this service will be turned off after the deadline.

But this is not always the case because there were complaints from MTS subscribers complaining that this service was automatically prolonged. subscription fee for use. Therefore, before connecting the service, you should know how to disable it.

MTS 700 minutes how to disable.

But everything would be fine if there was a shutdown command, but unfortunately it isn’t. So you’ll be fed up with the fact that the service will be disabled after 7 days.

You can check the number of remaining minutes and the status using the USSD request:

- * 101 * 800 #

How to order and connect 700 minutes on the MTS.

With the connection everything is much easier. Immediately it is worth noting that the cost of mine provided is equal to 10 UAH. That, in principle, in certain cases, not so much. Especially if you plan some time to talk a lot.

To order send a request - * 101 * 704 #

As a conclusion, we can say that 700 minutes is beneficial if you order additional minutes and forget about them. At the same time talk within the limits that are provided to you. And at the end this service is automatically turned off. If you really want to talk for the holidays and at the same time it is profitable to use your savings, it is better to order the service.

Numerous subscribers wishing to get the most out of the offered opportunities should definitely know a few points regarding the bonus points accumulation system under the program called “MTS-Bonus”. Today, with it, any subscriber can get a few dozen (or hundreds) minutes to make calls to his monthly work format, both within the network and beyond; up to 100 SMS messages to any numbers on the territory of the Russian Federation; the same amount of MMS; mobile traffic . Anyway, you need to understand how to order minutes on the MTS, as this will save you time and nerves. It is noteworthy that along with this option, some clients mobile services from the company " Mobile TeleSystems »They are able to save finances, since the use of the specified and selected package of minutes may be enough for the whole month. In general, it is up to the subscriber to decide what he wants to receive on his mobile phone.

It is noteworthy that together with the use of the “MTS-Bonus” option, people are beginning to have the right to use some other options, which are also aimed at providing opportunities to save money and time and money. We will touch upon similar questions a bit later, so that you are invited to read the full material for the desired effect.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget that the use of information implies only the actual moments of work. If you were unable to achieve your goal, you will most likely need to look at the main website of MTS LLC for updated data and news. This happens for the reason that employees of the company can change the working conditions of a service (change in USSD and SMS and phone numbers). At the same time, on the main portal of the company, the updated entry points will be placed in the required settings, so do not hesitate to check out the company's website just in case.

Activate bonus minutes

To date, all you need to know about the bonus minutes is the proposed total, activation options and the duration of the work (action). About this we will start the conversation below, so you are invited to read the information and fill with the necessary opportunities for future work with mobile operator No. 1 in Russia.

  1. Connect the minutes to the MTS You are invited to enter the desired key combination. For example, today there are several possible formats for activating the system: 50, 100 and 300 minutes for calls. Accordingly, if you need the minimum number of bonus minutes, you are invited to dial a key combination of the form "* 707 * 11 #" + "Call" - 50 minutes, which "cost" only 40 bonus points. If you need 100 minutes - dial "* 707 * 12 #" and click on "Call". Service price - 60 points. And, finally, “* 707 * 13 #” + “Call” is only 300 minutes to make calls to the MTS Network, the option costs 120 points. If we talk about the length of the system, then here it is only 30 days.
  2. You can also connect free minutes for calls to other networks (other than MTS LLC). For these purposes, within the program there are only three formats, which consist of “25”, “50” and “100” minutes for calls. If you are interested in such numbers, you must enter "* 707 * 21 #" + "Call", "* 707 * 22 #" + "Call", "* 707 * 23 #" + "Call", respectively.
  3. You can always watch the rest of the minutes on the MTS by entering the key combination of the form "* 100 * 1 #" + "Call". This will activate the request to send you the necessary data, after which the current statistics will be displayed on your mobile device screen.

IMPORTANT: If you experience problems with the display of characters in Cyrillic mode, you are invited to dial USSD of the form "# 100 # 1 #" + "Call", after which a notification containing only English letters (transliteration) will be sent to your mobile.

  1. You can also learn free minutes by contacting the official office of the company (or branch). If you drive past the required building and you have the necessary document (passport), take some time and go to the conversation with the staff, because in this case you will be able to get full information on the spot.
  2. You can always find out the number of minutes using the MTS-Bonus system by dialing the number “0890” + “0”. This will connect you to the Customer Service Center staff. It must be remembered that waiting for the right answer may take a considerable amount of time, since other subscribers also want to receive important information on their questions. Wait, after the passage of a certain time interval, they will answer and help you.
  3. You can view the minutes or listen to the information about them through an appeal to the MTS LLC autoinformer at the number of the type “0890” + “0” As soon as you contact him, immediately listen to a short course on how to work with the system itself, and then begin to enter the necessary numbers.

In general, today, finding the balance of the minutes means analyzing your current position and financial replenishment, since to remain at the most inopportune moment without money in your mobile phone account is extremely unpleasant. Do not allow this, as making an important call is sometimes very, very necessary.

Recently, mobile operators have increased the release of starter packs, in which special tariff offers based on the “ Super MTS ". According to the terms of this service in tariff plans A certain number of batch minutes is allocated, it can be from 30 minutes to 100 minutes per day.

Package offer is valid only for calls within the operator’s network. And many do not have enough volume in 30 daily minutes. In this case, there is also a solution, you can order an additional package of minutes.

Having connected the “ 700 minutes in the MTS network ” service, the subscriber will be charged 700 minutes for seven calendar days from the moment the service is ordered. Thus, the subscriber will have an additional supply of minutes for the whole week. This service is available to all subscribers of the MTS operator, regardless of their form of service.

The use of package minutes works as follows: firstly, packages of minutes of the tariff are used, and after that additional packages of minutes are used, including 700 minutes on MTS. The user can order several such packages at once, in this case the minutes will be added up, and the validity period will be extended from the date of the last order.

How to order the service “700 minutes for calls to MTS”

And you can order this service using USSD request * 101 * 704 # , by dialing it mobile phone and pressing the call button. Connection occurs within a day from the moment the request is sent.

The subscriber will be informed about the service connection via SMS informational information. The cost of ordering the service is 10 UAH. In the future, there is no automatic extension, so you need to order the minutes in a timely manner.

How to check the balance of minutes for 700 minutes on the MTS network?

To check the remaining minutes and expiration date, you need to send a USSD request * 101 * 800 # and press the call button. On display mobile device information on the remaining minutes and the service validity period will be displayed.

  • You can get detailed information on the operation of the service and its connection by dialing 111 . Subscriber Consultation Center operates around the clock and all calls from mobile mts free

How to check the balance of minutes for 700 minutes on the MTS network?