Make a wish when the star falls. How to make a wish for a star.

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A shooting star is a unique and very fascinating phenomenon. It can be not only beautiful, but also useful in achieving the intended goal. A shooting star helps to believe in a miracle, making a dream.
People who see the falling stars in their sleep have a subtle spiritual organization, romance, charm. These traits instill in you the ability to easily orient yourself in the world around you and overcome the difficult trials that have fallen to your lot. You can achieve a lot in life thanks to the right views. AT difficult situations never hang your head.

It happens that when a star fell, in a dream you did not have time to make a wish. Do not be upset. Of course, all discoveries and achievements will not be given to you by the easiest way, but in return, you will receive good luck, mutual assistance and recognition of others. In this case, you will go only by honest means, earning by your own labor.

Shooting Star by Nostardamus

If in a dream there was a falling asterisk, it means that you have visited high power . Nostardamus believed that the stars in the dream symbolize blessing, so the shooting star is a harbinger of unearthly happiness. Shooting star - to a joyful and carefree life. All that you dream about will come true with enviable speed.

If during the fall of the star, you still managed to make a wish, then this promises quick achievement of the plans, but you still have to spend a considerable amount of time and effort. Be sure that your life will begin to change for the better. Do not be afraid to take creative and complex projects, because who knows, maybe it will turn into a successful project that brought you dizzying popularity?

If you see a lot of falling stars in a dream, then await unexpected news or news about you in reality. They may come from abroad. It is possible that the senders will be your relatives, relatives, acquaintances or, for example, business partners.

If you see a shooting star in daytime - then this is a great sign. Your companion will be success both on a personal front and in national affairs. This symbol may indicate a change of government in the country.

If in a dream you see a bright and strong star-fall, then all your ideas and goals will surely come true. This is especially true of the situation at work, business projects. However, tolerate a certain amount of time before resting on your laurels.

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It is necessary to see a falling star, dissecting the night sky with a fiery tail, as it is necessary to immediately make a cherished desire and wait for its fulfillment.

So, "If you see a falling star - make a wish, and it will be fulfilled, if you have time to do this before the star falls."
Where did this sign come from?

Before answering this question, you just need to make two comments!

First, we recall that real stars do not fall from the sky. And what is called the shooting stars are meteors, that is, small cosmic bodies that burn while they fall to the ground.

Secondly, to have time to make a wish, while the star falls - the task is almost impossible! The visible meteor fall lasts about a second. During this time, you can only notice it. And even to remember about desire, and even have time to guess it, one second is clearly not enough! ”

A sign about falling stars and making wishes appeared in ancient times. The starry sky has always attracted man, it was represented as a symbol of the universe, the world of spirits and gods, which should be treated with respect and reverence.
It is perfectly clear that a multitude of signs will appear, the mysteries associated with the stars, especially the falling ones. Independently, peoples of different continents and cultures often associated stars with human souls.
In some legends, a shooting star is a soul that flies from the sky to move into a newborn baby.
In others, the shooting star is, on the contrary, the soul of a newly deceased person, who left his body and flies into the world of spirits.

When you are standing in front of something great and huge, it tempts him to ask for something. If you want to ask - wait for the signal, the stars themselves will give it to you, if the time has come and if they themselves want it.

And how to recognize the signal? Folk tradition also gives advice here: if you really want the fulfillment of a wish, make a guess when the star falls, and it will come true. The shooting star connects the Sky with the Earth, personifies their union. At this very moment I want to request the universe about the fulfillment of my desire. And this is not so easy, you have to work, you have to look at the sky for a long time, you have to forget about vanity for a long time, and, therefore, you have time to think well.

It is something like a prayer or deep concentration. You are alone with the sky - the universe and ... with your desire. You are so focused, so focused on your desire, that all your energy, all forces are directed towards its fulfillment. Such a powerful message may well be successful.

Especially curious here is that in that split second in which the star falls, you will not have time to come up with a new desire. You will make the first, which will come, which has long been ripe, ready, and therefore this is your true desire. So it turns out that from your subconscious you bring your true desire to the surface.

So it turns out that from your subconscious you bring your true desire to the surface

However, in order for desire to be fulfilled exactly and without delay, certain simple conditions must be met.

Get ready in advance

There is nothing more annoying than to not have time to make a wish or wish in a hurry to see a falling star, but not what is necessary. The shooting star flaunts in the sky for about one second, and it appears suddenly, so prepare in advance your desire, which you entrust to the starry sky. Imagine in advance how your wish is being fulfilled, give free rein to your imagination and do not limit yourself in the ways of achieving the desired. Imagine, dream and meditate. The brighter your mental picture will be, the more likely you are to remember your long-cherished desire at the moment when you see a shooting star.

Be clear about your goal.

Much has already been written about this, but it makes sense to repeat once again: in order for a wish to be fulfilled, it must be formulated very clearly and concisely. Here you dream to correct your financial position and make “have a lot of money”. It is very likely that such a desire will not come true - it is too abstract and incomprehensible.
It is necessary to remake it into a more specific wording “to find an additional source of income within two months,” and it will begin to materialize in reality. The more accurate your desire, the easier it will be to go through the process of making it real.

Know the measure

Summer starfalls are especially generous to meteor showers, and sometimes in just one hour you can see a couple of dozen shooting stars. But this does not mean that you have to have many desires "in the wings".
Here it is important the quality, not quantity , and the less desires you make, the more of them will come true.

AT perfect best of all to limit one or two desires. After the end of the star rain, when you return to your daily business, you should not be confused about your wishes and you should clearly remember the wording of the desire, which was “entrusted” to the star flying over the night sky.
The abundance of desires or one thing, but made up in different ways can simply cause you to have a sense of confusion - this is how the most intimate dreams are “lost”.

The abundance of desires or one thing, but made up in different ways can simply cause you to have a sense of confusion - this is how the most intimate dreams are “lost”

Keep the wish a secret

Attention to the signs of Destiny

After the wish has been made, it is tempting to just wait for what you have conceived to be realized. And at this stage, most people are experiencing the greatest disappointment - despite the energetically saturated moment of observing a falling star, the desire is in no hurry to be fulfilled.
Already several months have passed, and things are still not improving, the coveted salary increase cannot be seen, and the prince on a white horse has not knocked on your door yet.

And the thing is that after the desire was made, Destiny sends you the opportunity to translate it. And these opportunities need to be discerned, since they often pass unnoticed or even take the form of obstacles.
So, making a wish, be attentive to the signs of Fate and do not miss new opportunities.

So, making a wish, be attentive to the signs of Fate and do not miss new opportunities

Learn to let go of your desires.

Perhaps the most difficult thing in making wishes for falling stars is to be able to let go of your plans and not “cling” to the fact that you entrusted summer stargazing.
If you have clearly and meaningfully formulated your desire and are ready to implement your plans, then you shouldn’t “check” every day if the desire has been fulfilled or not.

Having made a wish, you manifested your intentions and readiness to work on achieving your plans, so tune in to work in the intended direction, and not to passively await your fulfilled dream.

The success algorithm in this case is extremely simple: they made a guess - they let go - they began work on the realization of their plans.

Set real deadlines

Popular wisdom "waiting for the promised three years" in in this case - not empty words, but an illustration of a typical incorrectly formulated desire.

Designate the terms in which you want to get your plans, just do not get carried away and set a real time frame.

Losing weight twice in three months is a deliberately failing task, and, if it is realized, it will certainly be harmful to your health.
But the phrase "I want to get married" also does not really lead to anything. You can get married within a year, and you can - and in ten years. So designate terms and it is desirable to guess what can really be fulfilled within a year.

If you have a more ambitious goal, then it is worth “breaking” it into smaller dreams and making plans to realize them. So you are more likely to move towards your main dream and do not stretch the process of making your plans for many years.

Falling stars can really fulfill your desire, because at this moment your intention is connected with the powerful energy of the meteorite flow. But in order for your desire to be fulfilled and bring you a feeling of harmony and happiness, you need to prepare for this event and correctly formulate your cherished dream, having managed to guess and release your desire in a split second.
So get ready for making wishes as you should!
Based on,

Everyone knows: if you have time to make a wish during a falling star, it will come true. But this omen has its own tricks, which it is better not to forget at the most crucial moment.

The fact that shooting stars fulfill any cherished dreams, our ancestors knew. Of course, some skeptics say that the stars fall very quickly, and it is impossible to have time to make a wish in such a short period of time. Others argue that everything is possible. The main thing is to guess the moment and pronounce the cherished words.

Of course, with the first task - to catch the right moment - you can easily cope. It is enough to leave the city so that the night lights do not interfere with looking at the sky, and be patient. Especially since the most successful period is now approaching when the annual August star Perseid begins. On the night of August 12th, astronomers and astrologers await the first day of this stargazing. It is at this time that the number of falling stars will increase several times, respectively, and the chances of making a wish increase.

How to make a wish for a shooting star

Many people think that you can make a wish only when a star falls. And indeed, it is one of best ways to place filled. At first glance, everything seems very easy, but in fact it is not so easy to have time to speak your wish for a short time stellar fall.

The most important rule: you need to voice your goals correctly. This can be learned in advance, and then you will, without thinking, make wishes so that they come true.

This can be learned in advance, and then you will, without thinking, make wishes so that they come true

So the most easy way to make a wish is to see a falling star and have time to say it at the moment when there is a bright trail in the sky. If you can do this, consider that the dream is already in your pocket.

But what to do if you do not have time to speak your dream? In this case, do not give up, because there are several ways to translate the hidden into reality.

In the next version, visualization will help in making wishes. If you saw a falling star, but did not have time to voice the request in time, do not get upset. It is enough to close your eyes and once again reproduce the fall. And at this very moment you can speak your goals. It is believed that this method is also effective, because besides the fact that you saw a star, you immediately reproduce it in your mind, thereby increasing the power of your message to the Universe. Also, while visualizing and voicing your desire, you can introduce one of the runic symbols that will remove all the obstacles in the way and attract success to your life.

Also, while visualizing and voicing your desire, you can introduce one of the runic symbols that will remove all the obstacles in the way and attract success to your life

If with visualization you do not do very well, you can use another option. But unlike the previous ones, it is somewhat tightened in time. In order not to think about your desire during the stargazing, it is enough to say one short word “I KNOW” . This is very easy to do, because the whole process takes only a couple of seconds. And so throughout the year, you can look at the sky and in right moment pronounce the cherished word. After that, wait for the New Year's Eve and, during the celebration, go outside, look at the sky and now, with all the responsibility, speak as many desires as you managed to say the word “KNOW” this year.