How to sync android data. Programs for synchronizing Android with a personal computer. Increase the life of the smartphone.

  1. Using gmail
  2. Access to computer contacts
  3. Import or restore contacts
  4. Increase the life of the smartphone
  5. With the help of programs
  6. Adding and transferring contacts
  7. What could be a threat?
  8. Principles of synchronization of mobile devices with PC
  9. One-way sync
  10. Ways to sync Android devices
  11. Synchronization from the Contacts application
  12. Google account sync
  13. Contact Management Applications
  14. With the help of programs
  15. USB connection

Hello everyone, dear readers, today I will tell and describe several ways to synchronize your Android device (including contacts) with personal computer . In this article we will consider two ways to synchronize your device:

  1. With help google account Gmail This method is very well suited if you need to synchronize contacts on your mobile smartphone. To use this method to copy contacts you need an account in Google service . Most likely, you have this account, because most devices without this profile will not work;
  2. Using third-party software. In this way I will tell you about the most popular programs that allow you to synchronize your mobile Google Android a smartphone with a personal computer, including contacts.

So, proceed to the topic of this post.

Using gmail

In the Android operating system, the synchronization of existing contacts in your mobile gadget is performed automatically (if there is a tick in the corresponding field in the gadget settings).

If you don’t synchronize with your computer and your Gmail account, then you need to check the current settings on your phone. Do the following:

Access to computer contacts

If you want to access a synchronized contact from a personal computer, follow these steps:

If you want to access a synchronized contact from a personal computer, follow these steps:

As you can see, the synchronization of contacts is not very difficult. Also, below I will recommend you several programs that allow you to synchronize your mobile device.

Import or restore contacts

With synchronization, you can keep current address book in both applications. Then you must install the add-in. Then select the previously added file. After restarting, return to the add-in menu. Click “Settings” on the right. In the window that opens, select "Automatic" and "Download contacts on startup" at the top.

Increase the life of the smartphone

New entries and changes are automatically applied. Therefore, you do not need to install any annoying software on your computer. To do this, open "Settings" and select "Accounts and sync." Click on the address Email to open the sync menu. This makes additional programs and applications almost unnecessary. However, the calendar and contacts remain out.

With the help of programs

Below I will give you two programs that will help you in synchronization.

The first application about which I want to tell you, in this article, to tell is called AirDroid
The first application about which I want to tell you, in this article, to tell is called AirDroid. This program will allow you to get full access to your Android gadget from a personal computer. The process of working with the application is as follows:

But with a few tricks and additional programs, addresses and meetings also go to such mobile phones. Competition, as they say, revives business. Fortunately, there are already dozens of programs for data exchange. Read here which are the most important and what they have.

Select the file you just saved to send the addresses. Catch: thus, data cannot be performed synchronously. In the case of frequently changing contact and especially term data, this approach is unacceptable in the long term. Automatic data comparison is possible only with additional programs. He can transfer contacts and meetings. If you are not satisfied with these programs or have a smartphone from another manufacturer, you need to access other programs.

  1. You download and install the AirDroid application via this link;
  2. Further, you create an account for yourself in this program;
  3. After that, from a personal computer, go to this page and enter the login and password from account ;
  4. After the above operations, you will get access to the device from a personal computer.

Another good data management tool for your   mobile device
Another good data management tool for your mobile device . The program will allow you to access data from your Google Android gadget, including computer synchronization tools. You only need to connect the Android gadget via USB to the computer and run the MoboRobo program .

Adding and transferring contacts

There is even free software for setting up a clean schedule. The interface is English, but simple. We will show you how to use a universal tool. If you need these features, you must use the installer. The first time you will be asked to name the name of the connected mobile phone . If you have already established contacts on your smartphone, they will now appear in the program and can be edited at will. Then right-click in the window and select “New Record”.

Now enter the required information and click "OK". Finally, you transfer contacts to your smartphone by clicking the “Synchronize” button. Here you can choose which programs you want to synchronize. So that you have everything you need to have useful applications and opportunities. Whether it is a full backup or simple synchronization of photos - for each "problem" there is at least one solution. For example, the game of your favorite game from a simple transition to yours. Or translate full backup copy to your computer.

The application can be downloaded absolutely free on the official website of this link.

As of today, I have everything. I hope you managed to synchronize your data. If, in the course of work, you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments to this post. Also share an article in your profiles in the social. networks.

You can find this and much more here. With their help, you decide which data should land on which of your devices. The setting is almost always the same: you register with a cloud service provider of your choice and download the application to your mobile devices. If you want to synchronize your data with a synonym for a computer, install the appropriate synonym for the program there. Then you can choose which files should be saved in the cloud. You can always receive, edit or upload new photos, videos and documents.

Since the emergence of mobile gadgets that are running operating systems (including Android) the question of how to synchronize “Android” with a computer, or rather, to synchronize the device (smartphone or tablet), was very acute. For this today there are many ways and means. Let's try to consider the most simple and frequently used.

What could be a threat?

Contacts and meetings are often the exception. But do not worry: after a few minutes everything is set up and works smoothly. There, you only enter your data to log into the cloud and determine the dates and contacts that should be compared. Then use the calendar app as usual. Even with application data such as games in games, most cloud services are difficult. You also need to install this program on each of your devices and can synchronize your application settings and user data via a cable connection.

Principles of synchronization of mobile devices with PC

Among all the methods that help to understand how to synchronize "Android" with a computer, you can select the connection through a Google account using the connection Wi-Fi type or Bluetooth, direct connection via USB-interface, as well as the use of third-party programs to control your smartphone or tablet.

Detailed instructions can be found here. The tool is super useful and definitely worth seeing. Tell us in your comment.

  • Click the menu icon in the menu bar.
  • A menu will appear.
  • Click the gear icon.
  • Touch your email address.

This application comes from a third party.

In the "Description" field, enter the name with which you want to identify this account.

  • Select the address book you want to sync.
  • Leave it empty.

Click “Next” and a new “Server” field will appear. Thus, the contacts that you have on the terminal will also be copied to your email account. Go to Settings, Email Accounts.

One-way sync

If you ask yourself how to synchronize “Android” with a computer unilaterally, it is immediately worth noting that such a procedure implies, so to speak, only getting shared access to folders or files stored on a computer terminal. To do this, you can use a variety of "cloud" services, which are now offered in a very wide range. Consider this question on the example of the program DropBox.

Ways to sync Android devices

Synchronize contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar entries so that information about software The device and desktop was identical. What we have been keeping for many years and which always accompanied us on every phone with which we had contacts. Contacts is our small database that we have been collecting and editing for many years, which is constantly growing. Fortunately, smartphones have reached a point where we don’t need to worry about anything, since we can store contacts in the cloud, having access to them from any place and device.

The only condition for its use is that the application is installed on the computer and on the mobile gadget. Knowing your account, you can easily log into such storage from both a computer terminal and a mobile device. However, in both cases, you will need to connect to the Internet in active mode.

In them you can combine all the social profiles that we have at each contact, group and facilitate the collection of information of each person. Agenda is a fundamental part of our smartphones. To be clear about how to manage and synchronize our contacts, we bring you this little guide to good practices. Links to go to the various sections.

Synchronization from the Contacts application

Every smartphone has pre-installed application for contacts. These are native application changes depending on the manufacturer, but in any smartphone the parameters are very similar, it changes a little appearance . At the top, we almost always find a search bar to quickly find a contact, without trying to find it with your finger. There is also a symbol to add a new contact and the entire alphabet in a row to search alphabetically. Usually next to each contact in your image is a symbol that refers to where this contact is stored.

It is clear that you can immediately identify the main disadvantages of such synchronization. Without the Internet, it simply will not. In addition, to manage the settings of the mobile device or other data also will not work. For this you need to use more effective methods.

Google account sync

The easiest method is to connect using the account google records (Gmail). How to synchronize "Android" with a computer via Google? Easy peasy. As a rule, when buying a mobile device with its first activation, the Settings Wizard offers to create such an account to access the main Google services and functions on the Internet.

If you choose a contact, you will open your card with all the information in which you can save as many e-mails and phones as you like, but be careful not to mention a good tag to find out where you are calling. Forget about several contacts with the same name and the name of "mobile", "home", "work", etc. To call or write an email, simply click on the phone number or email address we want.

If you want several contacts to appear at the top of your contact list, you can mark them as favorites. It is also possible to organize them in groups to quickly communicate with several people. In the contacts application menu there is the possibility of multiplying the possibilities. From here you can share them, delete them several times and set the order of their display. We can find a few more options, but this will depend specifically on our terminal and its manufacturer.

We will proceed from the fact that such an entry already exists. If not, you need to create it using the menu for adding an account and creating your own account. After that, you need to install any smartphone or tablet control program, say, My Phone Explorer, on your personal computer, and the corresponding client for Android OS on your mobile device.

Contact Management Applications

We just need to select Contacts in the drop-down menu that appears when we click Mail
We just need to select "Contacts" in the drop-down menu that appears when we click "Mail". I personally find it more convenient to sort contacts from a computer, rather than directly on a smartphone, although sometimes there is no choice. If you want to get acquainted with the world and get acquainted with new experience in the field of contacts, of course, there are many alternatives.

With the help of programs

This application has impressive integration in social networks and a variety of options for personalizing it.
This application has impressive integration in   social networks   and a variety of options for personalizing it
This application goes further. This is like a personal assistant for your professional relationship, able to analyze the interaction with your contacts and remember that you cannot.

Synchronization is performed at the moment when both applications are running and are in active mode. In this case, it will suffice to use the “Connection” command on the computer provided Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection is on, or you have a direct connection using a USB cable.

USB connection

Now let's see how to synchronize “Android” with a computer via USB. In this case, there may be two options. In the first, if the corresponding application is installed to control a smartphone or tablet on the computer terminal itself, you can use all the functions of managing gadgets. In the second case, the system will simply install the device driver and perceive it as a regular flash drive connected to the PC.

Now it is clear that the answer to the question of how to synchronize "Android" with a computer via USB, it looks more preferable in the first version. Here you can not only get control of almost all the functions of the gadget itself, but even install or test new programs and applications without installing them directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Among other things, there are many more solutions. For example, the problem of how to synchronize “Android” with a computer is solved in another simplest way, where a “native” operating system application is used to synchronize, say, contacts or a calendar Windows systems called Outlook. However, each user chooses what is most convenient for him.

However, each user chooses what is most convenient for him

In any case, all solutions to the problems of synchronizing mobile Android devices with laptops or stationary computer terminals are fairly simple and do not require any special or specialized knowledge in the field of mobile or computer systems from the user. The main thing is to correctly approach this issue initially.

What could be a threat?
How to synchronize "Android" with a computer via Google?