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Unlimited Internet through mobile networks gaining increasing popularity. Over the past years, operators have managed to set up enough high quality services and provide the Internet at speeds sufficient for comfortable work and entertainment. And with the advent of 4G, wireless Internet access has become a real competition with the classic method of connecting to the global network. This is especially true for those subscribers who often travel or prefer country vacation. After all, Megaphone Internet modem or router is able to provide communication with the World Wide Web in the country or in other places where it is impossible to extend the cable.

Any client must consider all tariffs for the Megaphone modem before connecting. After all, the cost of access to the Internet will depend on them. In the case of MegaFon, it is often necessary to connect the tariff without a monthly fee, and activate the Internet using a special option. Flexible options make tariffs more profitable for Megafon-modem, because you can activate exactly the required amount of traffic and not spend money on paying for the necessary services.

Tariffs for Megaphone Internet Modems

Megaphone Internet tariffs for modems offer the most different depending on the needs of the end subscriber and his financial capabilities. Currently, the client can connect to the following Internet tariffs for Megaphone for a 3G or 4G modem: Internet XS / S / M / L / XL .

The “ Internet XS ” option is suitable for those customers who need a very small amount of traffic to check mail and communicate on VKontakte or others. social networks . 3G modem Megaphone will also work with it, but only a few people will have enough traffic included. The daily package offered with this service includes only 70 MB. high speed internet . For the first 30 days you will have to pay 190 rubles. In the future, the option will have to be paid on a daily basis - 7 rubles per day.

The Internet S service is also not very suitable for use from a computer. It is designed only for budget subscribers, and through the 4G Megaphone mode, the 3 GB included for a month can sit through for several hours. A distinctive feature of this service is its operation in almost the entire country. It will be inactive only in the Crimea, Sevastopol and some northern areas. This service will cost 350 rubles for 1 month.

The Internet M service is already quite suitable for use with a PC. These Megafon-modem 4G tariffs will cost the user 590 rubles. But it will be possible to download at maximum speed already 16 GB. In this case, half of the traffic is available during the day, and half at night from 01 to 07 hours.

Came up with Megaphone Internet rates for a 4G modem and for those customers who like to use the Internet constantly, downloading many files or movies. For them are two options - " Internet L " and " Internet XL ". The first will allow you to download up to 36 GB per month (half of the limit falls at night) and will cost the client 890 rubles. The second will cost more - 1290 p. But at night you can download an unlimited amount of data, and the limit for daytime is 30 GB.

Worth knowing. You can check the remaining traffic limit within any of the options using the * 558 # command. Thanks to it, you can always be aware of the traffic consumption and connect additional packages on time if they are necessary.

Important! Megaphone 4G is ready to provide tariffs at no extra charge if the client is within range. base station with the support this standard and has the equipment to access such networks.

Internet for modem / router

A large number of offered devices and tariffs allows the company's subscribers to provide themselves with high-quality communication in almost any region. At the same time, absolutely everyone can find suitable conditions for themselves, as those who use mobile internet only for business correspondence, and those who actively attend global network for entertainment purposes.

Review 3G / 4G modems Megaphone

One of the most inexpensive and attractive modems capable of operating on 4G networks is the M150-2 . It provides automatic switching between different network standards - 2G, 3G, 4G, and its maximum reception speed reaches 150 Mbps. This is quite enough for comfortable viewing of high-definition movies. It connects to other devices through a simple USB-port. Thanks to the built-in auto-tuning system, you don’t even need to perform unnecessary actions to get started on the network.

An additional advantage with the purchase of this modem will be the possibility to use the Internet access for 2 weeks without any restrictions as part of the campaign held in the company.

Megafon 3G / 4G Routers - Model Review

More recently, Internet access modems and routers working through cellular network , provided at best one device. But with the advent of 3G and 4G standards, the situation has changed. Today, such devices are quite capable of competing in quality with wire analogs, while often surpassing them.

All routers offered by Megafon can currently work as a point. Wi-Fi access . This allows you to use the Internet from the most different devices from a stationary PC to a smartphone. Their main difference is in the supported type of networks. Supports maximum 3G following model: B683 . All other models offered by the company: Space R300-1, Space MR300-1, MR-150-3, TP-Link TP-MR3040, MR-150-2, Upvel Up-312N4G differ only in maximum reception speed and price.

MegaFon's high-speed Internet access through 3G and 4G networks attracts many subscribers. In order for the Internet to be really profitable, it is important to choose the right tariff plan . In the case of MegaFon, one should look not at the tariffs themselves, but at the additional options - unlike tariffs, there are no included minutes and SMS, which are absolutely not needed in modems .

Thus, to access the Internet via a modem from MegaFon, we need to purchase a SIM card with a tariff plan without a monthly fee and connect one of the additional options to it, including various volumes of traffic. Let's take a look at all the available tariffs and options, as well as find the most profitable option.

Tariffs for unlimited internet for a computer via 4G from MegaFon are presented with a variety of options oriented for use in modems. Here is a list of these options:

  • "Internet M";
  • "Internet L";
  • "Internet XL".

The “Internet M” option will offer subscribers 16 GB of traffic - 8 GB during the day and 8 GB at night (the night window is valid from 01-00 to 06-59). The subscription fee is 590 rubles per month, the coverage area is all of Russia, with the exception of the northern regions, the Crimea and Sevastopol. The speed limit on the exhaustion of the main packet traffic will be 64 kbit / s.

The “Internet L” option is aimed at active users. It includes 36 GB of traffic provided in equal shares during the day and at night (by analogy with the previous option). The subscription fee for using the option is 890 rubles per month, the coverage area is all of Russia, with the exception of the Crimea, Sevastopol and the Northern regions .

The “Internet XL” option is intended for those who need maximum traffic. It includes 30 GB of daily traffic and full night unlimited . The duration of the night window is the same as in the previous options described. The subscription fee for this option is 1290 rubles per month, the coverage area is all of Russia, with the exception of the Crimea, Sevastopol and Northern regions.

The rest of the traffic on all presented Internet options is checked by the USSD-command * 558 #.

Tariff prices   unlimited internet   MegaFon 4G modems are quite different, there are both budget options and more expensive ones
Tariff prices unlimited internet MegaFon 4G modems are quite different, there are both budget options and more expensive ones. The cheapest network access option is to connect to the “Internet XS” option. Traffic in the amount of 70 MB per day is enough to perform the simplest tasks (not presented in the review, since it was created for modems). If you need a more serious amount of traffic, you should look at the options "Internet M" or "Internet L".

Distribute the Internet to other devices or just need a solid amount of traffic? Then use the “Internet L” or “Internet XL” options. The last option is interesting because it provides unlimited nightlife - you can download cumbersome software, work with torrents, or just watch movies online. Recall that there are several ways to speed up the Megaphone modem, if the speed of access to the network does not meet any standards.

The most optimal tariff for connecting the above options is the basic MegaFon-Online tariff plan with no monthly fee. You can also use any other tariffs without a monthly fee. On our site you will find the review "Properly connect a MegaFon-modem", which deals with connecting a modem to various devices.

AT this review options and rates for subscribers from Moscow and the Moscow region are described. The remote northern regions are understood as the Kamchatka Territory, the Taimyr Districts, the city of Norilsk, the Chukotka Autonomous Region, the Republic of Yakutia, as well as the Sakhalin and Magadan regions.

With the help of a modem from "Megaphone" you can at any time go online and be in touch with your family and friends. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to install and connect it correctly. If you are faced with a modem connection problem, then read the information in the article.

How to install the modem Megaphone

The most important thing to remember is to connect the newly purchased “Megaphone” modem when you fully boot your computer or laptop. When the device is connected via USB to the computer, it will automatically start software . And as soon as operating system will detect a new connected device, in the lower right corner of the desktop screen will appear information about the beginning of the installation of the necessary parameters. After that, you must click on the screen on the inscription "ok." Next, install the driver on the computer.

After all these actions, the program will start automatically. Here you will need to click on the block labeled AutoRun, thereby launching the necessary installation command automatically. Then all new programs are installed by default on the “C” drive in the “Program Files” folder. Then click “next” and place a shortcut on your desktop. Now the necessary software for the modem is successfully installed. And you can proceed directly to access to the Internet.

If you have a very IMPORTANT or URGENT question, ask !!!

How to turn on the Megaphone modem

On your desktop, click on the label "Megaphone Internet". Next in the dialog box - "Connect". Type in the browser search bar any address or question. If the Internet page opened quickly enough, it means that the data transfer speed is good, and you can walk quietly through the Internet. If it became necessary to disconnect the modem, in the dialog box of the “Megaphone Internet” program, click the “disable” function.

Modem Settings Megaphone

By default, absolutely all settings are set up for direct access to the Internet. If you are not particularly good at working on your computer, then you should not change anything in these settings, as this may affect network access. The modem turns off when you click the "disable" button in the program and there is no need to immediately pull the device out of the USB port of a laptop or computer right at the moment when the Internet is turned off.

IMPORTANT: Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is current at the time of this writing. For more accurate information on specific issues, contact the official operators.

Distribute the Internet to other devices or just need a solid amount of traffic?