Daily Internet mts. Unlimited Internet MTS per day, per day: how to connect, disconnect

  1. Service Description
  2. Cost of the service in question
  3. Ways to connect function
  4. Options for disabling this service
  5. How to connect the Internet on option?
  6. How to disable the option?
  7. Features of billing
  8. Intra-network roaming service
  9. How to connect unlimited internet for a day?
  10. How much does this service cost?

There are people who do not need daily Internet access, they only need to visit once or twice a week. global network . It makes no sense for such subscribers to install the option with a monthly subscription fee Therefore, the MTS developers thought about this issue well and created such a service as “Internet for a day”. It allows you to significantly save material resources of subscribers and, at the same time, to carry out all the necessary operations using the world wide web.

Service Description

The above-mentioned service provides the user with a 500-MB traffic package for just one day. In addition, the withdrawal of funds for this option takes place exclusively on the days when a person made access to the global network, otherwise the money from the subscriber’s account is not withdrawn, which is very convenient, as well as practical and very popular with all users.

Another advantage is that the traffic provided by the option is not limited by the speed of data transfer, but for the use of the entire packet, access to the network will be stopped and resumed only from the next day. In addition, we should not forget that, in the understanding of the MTS, the day starts at 3 am and ends exactly at the same time.

Cost of the service in question

The subscriber who used this option will have to pay 50 rubles per day of operation. This is quite a profitable, affordable and affordable price, which is why it is so well rated by MTS customers who do not plan to go online every day. For them, this proposal was an excellent solution, thanks to which they save well and do not waste money.

Ways to connect function

To receive the considered package for use on one day, you should send the USSD-command * 111 * 67 # or send a message with the content 67 to the number 111. Also, to install this option, you can use the Personal Area. The choice of connection method is yours.

Options for disabling this service

There are several options to remove the settings of this option from your phone, namely:

  1. With the help of USSD-command * 111 * 67 #.
  2. By sending a message with content 670 for short and absolutely toll free number 111.
  3. Use Personal account for this purpose.

Which way to apply is up to you.

If you do not need an everyday visit to the Internet, then the proposal in question will be an excellent solution for you. Do not miss your chance and hurry to become the owner of this service. Perhaps this is exactly what you have been looking for.

Usually mobile operators provide the possibility of continuous output in Mobile Internet . At any convenient time, you can check your page on social networks, learn about events in the world or order a pizza home. Most users find this very convenient, but there are people who do not need constant access to the Web at all. It is enough for them to go on the Internet once, maybe not more than a couple of days a week. Constant access means in this case only extra expenses, but these people do not have the opportunity to refuse it for good. For such cases, MTS has developed the option "Internet for the day." What it is, how to connect and how much it will cost you, we will tell in this article.

This service is provided by default to owners of SIM-cards with the tariff "MTS Connect 4". This is not quite, at which you are given 500 MB of traffic per day for 50 rubles. When the allowed limit is exceeded, access is terminated - and so on until the onset of a new billing period or the next time you need the Internet.

If you have a different tariff from the same line as MTS Connect 4, you can connect the option separately. Unlimited per day is suitable for those users who access the Internet from a laptop via a modem, as well as to owners of smartphones and tablets.

The principle underlying the service is very simple: the person who connects is paying only for those days when he uses the Internet. Money is written off instantly after your first connection to the Web in 24 hours. At all other times, when you are not using a SIM-card, the amount on the balance remains unchanged.

How to connect the Internet on option?

You can activate the service in two ways:

In the event that you did not have enough 500 MB provided, you can use the "Turbo-button" by selecting the required amount of traffic.

How to disable the option?

In case you decide to abandon the once-connected service, you will not have to spend a lot of time. The “Internet for a day” option on MTS is no more difficult to disable than to activate it:

  • enter the combination of digits * 111 * 670 #;
  • go to "My Account".

Features of billing

As soon as the subscriber connects to the Internet, " Mobile TeleSystems »Write off funds. Theoretically, the Internet is provided to you for 24 hours, but in reality the term can be much less than one day. This is due to the peculiarities of the charging parameters adopted by the operator.

The fact is that by 1 day the company means a time interval between 00:00 one day and 00:00 the next. If you logged into the Internet provided by the MTS operator during the day around 3:00 pm, you only have 9 hours left until the access is terminated. At the same time, all unused traffic “burns down” and cannot be transferred to any of the following days.

It should be clarified that the transition from one date to another is not made by the operator always at the same time. There is a time lag from 00:00 to 03:00, during which the transition to the new date takes place. In order to avoid unnecessary expenses, try not to go online during these three hours - it may be that the money will be written off yesterday and you will have to pay again.

Intra-network roaming service

You can use the “Internet per day” service from MTS throughout the whole territory of Russia. But there is one nuance associated with charging for the option. If the first connection during the day occurred in the territory home region , and then - beyond its limits, the money will be deducted from the balance twice, as the on-net roaming will be activated.

We are represented by MTS - the biggest mobile communications in Russia and abroad, we understand how important it is that the amenities are as accessible as possible to any person. Our company often offers new profitable terms - tariff plans for which you can easily connect to the Internet and use it constantly, without overpaying it without any problems.

Today, there are dozens of tariffs in the city of MTS, which can be connected, and pay for the used megabytes. But at the moment there is an opportunity to connect the Internet to your SIM card without any restrictions for a day, this service will allow you to use the Internet and not worry about the traffic used and that the money in the account quickly run out.

How to connect unlimited internet for a day?

  • Activation of the unlimited Internet service is performed using the combination: * 503 #;
  • Also contacting the customer service center at 111;
  • Or send a free message to the number 530 with the written letter A.

How to disable unlimited internet for a day?

To delete just dial the combination * 530 * 0 # and the service will be inactive.

How much does this service cost?

How much does this service cost

  1. The cost is 1500 rubles including VAT. After connecting to the phone unlimited Internet per day, you will have this payment withdrawn and the service is activated.
  2. From the moment of the withdrawal of the unlimited internet use in your use for the whole day, after the time expires, 1500 rubles will be automatically withdrawn from your account for a further extension of the service for the next day and so on every day.
  3. The fee for this service is withdrawn from the subscriber only when he is in the city. This service is quite convenient in that it can be connected and disconnected at any time and to almost any subscriber except tariff plans Absolute and Guest.

How to disable the option?
How much does this service cost?
How to connect the Internet on option?
How to disable the option?
How to connect unlimited internet for a day?
How to disable unlimited internet for a day?
How much does this service cost?